Virtual Pediatric Occupational Therapy – Interacting in Familiar Surroundings

Virtual occupational therapy services have been used for many years, even before the global pandemic. Occupational therapy virtual sessions with Rebecca House of OT, PLLC occur over Zoom, which is a telehealth platform, while you and your child are in the comfort of your own home. Sessions include the therapist demonstrating various activities and the child and parent following along. Zoom allows for a chat box, interactive whiteboard and screen-sharing activities.

Dynamic virtual therapy sessions at home

One of the most common concerns is whether or not virtual therapy is as effective as in-person therapy. Virtual sessions can address all the same goals that in-person therapy can including fine and gross motor development, handwriting and scissor skills, emotional regulation, self-care like dressing and feeding, and fussy or picky eaters.

If your child is facing mental, emotional, or physical health issues, they might not be comfortable in new surroundings or speaking face-to-face with a therapist. Your child needs to be evaluated by an experienced professional in the field of occupational therapy to determine whether virtual or in-person sessions would be most beneficial. These evaluations can also take place virtually.

  • We will ensure you are comfortable with the application we are using for virtual occupational therapy. Our therapist will explain all the relevant user interface related options like a chat box, whiteboard, screen sharing, and more if required
  • Evaluations can be completed virtually.
  • General expectations for the virtual therapy sessions can be discussed with the child and their parents. Sessions in which the parents need to be involved can be specified.
  • We will provide a material list so that you know what to bring to the session ahead of time and so that your child knows what to expect during their time with us.
  • We can spend a few minutes after the virtual therapy session to address any queries related to your child. A buffer will ensure that everybody is in the loop before and after each therapy session

Pros of Virtual Occupational Therapy

  • Time Effective: There is no travel or wait time involved with virtual sessions. There is no need to take extra time out of your day to rush to and from your appointment.
  • Comfort Of Own Environment: For many children, a new setting or new person in their environment can be daunting. Virtual sessions allow your child to choose which room of the house is best for them.
  • Use Resources You Have At Home: At a clinic, you may see therapists using materials that you don’t have and then feel inclined to purchase. During virtual sessions, you can use all the resources you already have at home. Occupational therapists are creative so they can work with a range of existing toys and materials to help your child develop their skills which can save you money and time.
  • You Can Choose What Time Is Best For You: You can work with your therapist to find the best time for you because therapy is not location specific.
  • Rural And Remote Areas: Because all you need to do is sign onto a virtual platform you can complete therapy from anywhere!

In a nutshell

Without boasting, there are multiple reasons we are leaders in finding solutions for various hurdles that children with different capabilities face. Our virtual pediatric occupational therapy ensures your child is comfortable, prepared, and engaged in activities to help promote fine, visual, gross and sensory motor skills needed for increased confidence and independence.


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