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Pediatric Occupational Therapy


What is Occupational Therapy?

Pediatric occupational therapy is centered around supporting children in developing the skills they need to successfully participate in their occupations of learning, playing, and growing. Developmental delays, injuries, and physical limitations can impede a child’s ability to complete age-appropriate tasks or occupations, participate in daily activities, and reach milestones, but therapy can help! Occupational therapists observe and evaluate your child to assess areas of difficulty as well as strengths and create an individualized treatment plan for them. 

My Focus

Areas Occupational Therapy Can Address

01. Fine motor skills
Your child is using fine motor skills when they use the small muscles in their hands and wrists to make movements to perform a task.
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02. Gross motor skills
Your child is using gross motor skills when they are using large muscles to perform whole body movements to complete a task.
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03. Visual motor skills
Visual motor skills require the use of your eyes and hands in a coordinated manner to perform a task.
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04. Sensory processing
Sensory processing describes our brain’s ability to take in information from the environment and react accordingly.
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05. Regulation
Regulation refers to our ability to increase or decrease alertness or arousal to match a situation or environment.
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06. Executive Functioning
Executive functioning refers to the mental skills that allow us to manage day-to-day tasks, stay safe, and get work done.
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07. Social Skills
Social skills allow us to communicate and interact with others, both verbally and nonverbally (gestures, body language).
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Occupational Therapy Sessions

Virtual & in person sessions to address areas impacting your child's independence and growth

Therapy over extended holidays/summer

Continue practicing learned skills even when school is not in session

Virtual parent education & training

Learn strategies to help your child practice new skills and become more independent

Frequently Asked Questions

After scheduling an occupational therapy session, I will complete an evaluation to assess skills, strengths, and areas that may need support. An evaluation includes clinical observation, parent interview, and a functional skills assessment. You will be provided with a comprehensive report that outlines my recommendations for therapy, treatment plan, and individualized goals. This will all be reviewed with you and resources will be provided for you to start practicing skills at home with your child.

After the evaluation process, we will schedule weekly or bi-weekly sessions to address your child’s specific needs and goals.

In person sessions can be scheduled in the community or at your home. Locations further than 15 miles from Riverhead will be charged additional travel fee. Please reach out to find out more information. 

Traditional in person therapy sessions require time away from work and school. Meeting virtually can be a beneficial, convenient, and fun way to practice skills anywhere!

Private occupational therapy follows different guidelines to qualify children for services compared to public schools or other programs. Your child can still benefit from occupational therapy services even if they were previously assessed and did not qualify.

I am an out of network provider. I can provide a superbill for possible full or partial insurance reimbursement. 

What Parents Say

About Samantha Rebecca

My five-year-old son worked with Samantha through virtual occupational therapy during summer session and through the 2020-2021 school year. He absolutely loved their sessions together. "Miss Samanthy" as my son lovingly referred to her, established a friendly and warm rapport, and she succeeded in actively engaging a child of this young age while in a remote learning environment. My son grew tremendously in his skill set through the fun and game-like activities planned for him. Thanks so much to Miss Samanthy for being a face he looked forward to seeing each week!
Our daughter worked with Samantha Rebecca through CPSE and made wonderful progress. She was wonderful with our daughter; very creative and engaging.

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