Occupational Therapy Evaluations

To begin therapy, an evaluation must be completed.

Non-Standardized Evaluation:

  • determines a child’s strengths and abilities
  • highlights challenges to focus on during therapy
  • assists with creating meaningful and attainable goals

Standardized Evaluation:

  • quantifiable scores that allow you to focus on your child’s skills in relation to other children who completed the same evaluation

Occupational Therapy Sessions

    • Difficulty with handwriting or using scissors?
    • Difficulty participating in sports?
    • Challenges with daily routines?
    • Poor social and regulation skills?
    • Child not meeting developmental milestones?

Private virtual or in person therapy sessions can help address areas impacting your child’s independence and growth.

Therapy Over Extended Holidays/Summer

  • Need extra support during breaks from school?

Private virtual or in-person occupational therapy sessions can help your child practice and maintain the skills they learned during the school year.

Virtual Parent Education & Training

  • Learn strategies to help your child practice new skills and become more independent
  • Feel more involved in your child’s progress
  • Review IEP/504 documentation